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WVA Marketing and Development Manager

Sponsorship Letter Example

TVT Company Brochure for interested Sponsors. I wrote this to be a quick item to send out to our partners that aren't ready for a full sponsorship packet but are interested in a small idea of our company.
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Statement of Need Example

This was created as a supplemental letter for our 2023 grant request to Tooele City this past season.

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Related Academic Projects

I was fortunate to complete my degree in both Theatre Arts and Arts Administration. During my time at SUU, Arts Advocacy was always a main focus. I wanted to know how I could best advocate for the arts outside of college and help build and grow a theatre company. I had some amazing professors that saw my passion and skill for this subject who brought me into graduate level courses before I finished my degree.

I want to list my capstone as a supplemental item, not for the 'quality' of the writing by 23-year-old me, but to show that arts advocacy and development have always been cornerstones of my education.
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